About Us

Tiffany Arnold- Founder of eFIT Media

People want to see the action, the grind, and the results (the end goal). That's why fitness professionals like Massy Arias and Mike Rashid are so successful. They used social media as leverage to increase their brand. Now everyone want to buy and participate because they see the results they want to achieve in their program.

Creators and athletes who have drive and natural talent often get trapped in corporate America working 9 to 5. They think they have no way out. But, if we share our art, gifts, and knowledge to the world, we'll realize one thing. It is essential for us to do what we were made to do because the world needs it.

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  • Google Ad Video Certified
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  • Email Marketing Certified 

Benefits of Coaching Online

  • Helps you build a reputation as an expert
  • Make Passive Income
  • Gives you the ability to make money anywhere
  • Gives you the ability to stop selling your time: Instead of offering your time to clients, you can translate some of your services to an online course and offer it to client who can’t afford an hourly rate or 1 on 1 attention.
  • Earn more without doing more by monetizing your following
  • If you have an online following and already create content, you can expand some of what you know into an online course and offer it to your fanbase at a higher price point 
  • Price the product more than an ebook or dvd
  • You have full control over the product. income that doesn’t depend on partnerships, sponsorships, or other external factors. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What product or service will your business provide?

eFIT Media provides private coaching, film and editing, and marketing tactics to help professional athletes, coaches, and trainers develop their online fitness course/ program. Private coaching offers structure for the course with completed scripts and planned exercises from the instructor. eFIT Media professionally film and edit the course to ensure quality that compliments the instructor’s brand. eFIT Media provides marketing tactics to help promote the finished product. The course will showcase the trainers' ability to execute results from previous client case studies and provide an economic solution for potential customers who can’t afford 1 on 1 private training.

Who are your target customers?

The target audience for eFIT Media is CrossFit trainers, weightlifting trainers, dance instructors, yoga instructors, boxing trainers, kickboxing trainers, tennis players, basketball coaches, baseball coaches, football coaches, and various trainers, athletes, and coaches from all levels of sports and fitness. eFIT Media targets professionals who wants to scale their business by providing online products to multiple clients. eFIT Media specialize in online courses, including building the course from scratch to a successful launch. eFIT is affiliated with online platforms such as Kajabi, Teachable, and Clickfunnels.

What goals do you have for your company?

The goal of eFIT Media is to be the top media and marketing solution for professional fitness products and services.

How exactly would trainers potentially get new clients or build their business through your service?

A: eFIT Media services can provide professionally edited content to show the potential client your instructional skills, methods, and proven results to get them motivated to buy training sessions or courses.

B: Having an online fitness course could give a potential client more incentive to buy your services if they cannot afford your 1 on 1 training.

C: If you have another product or service to sell, including a course as a free bonus for purchasing can help incentivize someone to buy from you. If you’re a coach, for example, you can offer your prospective coaching clients free access to your online course in exchange for enrolling in your coaching program.

If you're filming the course, what exactly is required from my end?

By making a new video with your best program, you'll help your clients reach an end goal. You could make it by yourself or with clients on camera. It's your creative vision that's going to make this into a reality.

We would need your cooperation to create and film the course. You'll create the script and have full creativity to how you would like the course to look like. We'll handle all the tech, such as filming, editing, audio, etc. Once it's completed, you'll choose an online platform, and we'll set it up for you at no additional charge. By making a new video with your best program, you'll help your clients reach an end goal. 

You can also film the course yourself, and use our editing services.

Can you define what exactly in detail the course? What results are we expecting specifically?

Your course details your usual training methods in the personal training sessions. You can also offer it to your current clients who want to do some basic training at home as well.

The results you're expecting are more clients, more engagement from potential clients, and more money in your pocket from course revenue. You'll have more than an 1 on 1 service to offer your clients. You'll have a product, an online course.